Jahan Rugs comes from the lineage of one of the first Non-British rug manufacturing companies [Abbas Wazir Pvt. LTD, estd. 1925] in British India, which has since then branched out into more than a couple of dozen manufactories, including Jahan Rugs. With the experience of 6 generations and almost a century old family run business, a history of exporting carpets throughout the world, we can only provide our best and highest quality rugs to you.

Quality & Commitment

We take great care of our rugs at every process. The rugs are always made under the supervision of the senior team staff to sustain the quality.

Our fibres are ethically sourced from around the world.

Our colors are dyed in dyes that are certified AZO free.

Jahan Rugs is a company registered and recognized by the state and national government of India. We comply with all the laws and regulations of the state of Uttar Pradesh and India.

We don’t just craft rugs we bless your floors with art, tradition, culture and heritage that serve in your homes for decades.

🧶_________Its a rugged rug-ged world.